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No os desalentéis; la evolución humana sigue progresando, y la revelación de Dios al mundo, en Jesús y por Jesús, no fracasará. (2097.1) 196:3.33
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The TM “channelings" are presumed communications of divine beings made through many people, broadcasted live before many groups of believers. They claim to be the continuation of The Urantia Book and the forerunners of an Avonal Son incarnation. The communications are numerous and, unlike of The Urantia Book, whose intermediary human being no one knows, all the names of the TM channelers are widely known. They are creating many distractions, diverting attention away from the Revelation study, by luring them to their “updates of The Urantia Book”.

The alleged messages contain human language; we are referring to its structure, composition, mode of expression, in our opinion it doesn’t contain divine revelation, it is totally human. In some cases, these messages are an unfaithful reiteration of the UB teachings. In other cases, they discredit the UB with its information, because they give information contrary to that of the UB, which is exposed in a confusing way, clearly inferior to the UB composition. The Urantia Book is written with a very intelligent and heightened language, all the Documents are coherent and harmonious regarding the language and the revealed teachings; its concepts thoroughly complements one another.

These channelers call themselves “Transmitter/Receivers”. They claim to represent a “New invisible planetary government”. Thus they justify the “update” of The Urantia Book, with their channeled messages supposedly coming from celestial personalities. Nothing in their announcements is verifiable, and nothing actually ever happened.

Below we describe some of the announcements made by the TM channelers:

1- 1985-
They announce the final judgment of the Lucifer Rebellion. There is no evidence of that; quite to the contrary, all the evidence shows that this is not the case, our world has not yet attained the conditions established by the UB to the final judgment of the rebellion.

The following UB paragraph makes it clear that the Lucifer rebellion judgment will not be finally adjudicated for a long time:

(1025.4) 93:10.8 “And all these speculations associated with the certainty of future appearances of both Magisterial and Trinity Teacher Sons, in conjunction with the explicit promise of the Creator Son to return sometime, make Urantia a planet of future uncertainty and render it one of the most interesting and intriguing spheres in all the universe of Nebadon. It is altogether possible that, in some future age when Urantia is approaching the era of light and life, after the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia secession have been finally adjudicated, we may witness the presence on Urantia, simultaneously, of Machiventa, Adam, Eve, and Christ Michael, as well as either a Magisterial Son or even Trinity Teacher Sons.”

Here it is suggested that Urantia will reach the light and life status after the Lucifer rebellion affairs have been adjudicated, therefore the Lucifer rebellion ending is very distant in the future. It is to be noted that the revelator brings all this in “some future age”, in a very distant time; it would be impossible the adjudication of the Lucifer rebellion in a little more than 50 years of the UB existence.

This paragraph says clearly that it is a long way off before the final judgment of Lucifer:

(617.9) 54:5.9 “8. The Faithful of Days on Edentia advised the Constellation Fathers to allow the rebels free course to the end that all sympathy for these evildoers should be the sooner uprooted in the hearts of every present and future citizen of Norlatiadek — every mortal, morontia, or spirit creature.”

We all know that there are still many fans of Lucifer on Earth.

2- 1991, December-
The channelers announce the materialization of Gabriel, the Bright and Morning Star. Nothing happened.

3- 1992, August –
They announce the establishment of material schools here, “When Urantia is ready”. Nothing happened until today.

4- 1992 – August –
They announce a “Redemption mission for all of the previous rebellious planets (37), with formal approval of the Ancients of Days on Uversa… to begin on Urantia.” With this announcement, they are overlooking Jesus of Nazareth.

The Urantia Book, (2018.1) 188:5.2 … “The forgiveness of Jesus is not condonation; it is salvation from condemnation. Salvation does not slight wrongs; it makes them right. True love does not compromise nor condone hate; it destroys it. The love of Jesus is never satisfied with mere forgiveness. The Master’s love implies rehabilitation, eternal survival. It is altogether proper to speak of salvation as redemption if you mean this eternal rehabilitation.”
(2018.2) 188:5.3 “Jesus, by the power of his personal love for men, could break the hold of sin and evil. He thereby set men free to choose better ways of living. Jesus portrayed a deliverance from the past which in itself promised a triumph for the future. Forgiveness thus provided salvation. The beauty of divine love, once fully admitted to the human heart, forever destroys the charm of sin and the power of evil.”

Our planet doesn’t need redemption (rehabilitation), because Jesus already did it, and he did it perfectly well. The only redemption that exists today is personal, not planetary. The personal redemption is the soul salvation, the rehabilitation of the sinner, and no one can do it for us, each person must do it by their own will.

The Urantia Book, (2017.1) 188:4.6 “Jesus lived and died for a whole universe, not just for the races of this one world. While the mortals of the realms had salvation even before Jesus lived and died on Urantia, it is nevertheless a fact that his bestowal on this world greatly illuminated the way of salvation; his death did much to make forever plain the certainty of mortal survival after death in the flesh.”
(2017.2) 188:4.7 “Though it is hardly proper to speak of Jesus as a sacrificer, a ransomer, or a redeemer, it is wholly correct to refer to him as a savior. He forever made the way of salvation (survival) more clear and certain; he did better and more surely show the way of salvation for all the mortals of all the worlds of the universe of Nebadon.”

5- 1993, April –
They announce the Machiventa Melchizedek materialization in a Holiday Inn Hotel, in Napperville, Illinois, attended by 225 people. They await unsuccessfully, nothing happens. After that, the TM channelers said that the audience couldn’t see Machiventa because of the lack of preparedness of those who attended the meeting… What an easy excuse, to blame the audience for the non-realization of the materialization!! If a divine Son came to earth, giving advance notice of his coming, he would not cancel it because of some people unprepared to it; the coming of Adam and Eve before the garden was ready, and the Master’s transfiguration without the apostles have been properly prepared, demonstrates it.

6- 1995, September -
They announce that “Gavalia, a Brilliant Evening Star, affirms that Michael has established a personal residency on Urantia. Emphasis that this is important but that Michael is not in material form.” (?? How could it be in another way, if it were possible?). Nothing happens.

7 – 1995, October –

“Teacher Johnson” (a supposed Melchizedek) says that Christ Michael prepared himself to use Urantia as the headquarters of his universal and planetary administration: “Teacher Johnson (a Melchizedek) speaks to Michael’s preparation to use Urantia for his headquarter administration as well as planetary administration. URANTIA To Be Used as a Nebadon HQ World” Nothing happens.

Just think! To command the universe from Urantia… It is evident that they did not read the UBook before creating such nonsense. It would be impossible for Michael to establish his administration on Urantia, because our planet hasn’t the power circuits or the necessary energies for that purpose, no matter what the TM channelers say, but if he did it, he should divorce himself from the Universe Mother Spirit!!! She never leaves Salvington, because the Holy Spirit circuit “would become nonfunctional if her personal presence should be removed from Salvington.” And of course, nothing happened.

8- 1996, February –
They announce that the communication circuits of Earth with the universe have been re-established. Nothing happens, except more channeled messages.

9 – 1996, March –
They announce the beginning of reflectivity broadcasts from Urantia. Nothing happens.

10 – 1996, September –

They announce that the planetary broadcasts will restart at some time, through people!!! Just think, the planetary communications transmitted without certainty and objectivity! And nothing happens.

11- 1996, October and November –
They announce that the morontia circuits are being restored to receive transmissions, and their beginning have been authorized. Nothing happens.

12 – 1999, August –
They announce the coming of a Magisterial Son, "some day".
Nothing happened until today.

13- In the early days of February, 2006 -
A channeler named Candace Frieze announces that Monjoronson is already materializing himself,
in a human physical body especially constructed, stating that “I will be visible” in three months. Nothing happened.

Referring to the rematerialization of Adam and Eve, The Urantia Book says that the entire process takes ten to twenty-eight days of Urantia time (582.4). This reference allows us to evaluate this “channeled” information, for “Monjoronson” supposedly is on Earth since July 2001. (See point 17)

14 – 2000, November –
The channelers say they are receiving “cosmic perceptions resultant of the communications channels reconnection.”
If this were to happen, and if this kind of communication were possible, all human beings who wholeheartedly love and serve God, in all world religions, would begin to receive those cosmic perceptions, because our Father is no respecter of persons. We all would perceive these communications; but this is not the case. There is no evidence of that. Nothing happens.

15- 2000, December –
They announce the rehabilitation and return of more than 1,000 rebel Midwayers
to work in the “reformation of Urantia”!!!

The Urantia Book, (394.2) 35:9.10 “There exists a plan for saving these wayward and unwise Sons, and many have availed themselves of this merciful provision; but never again may they function in those positions wherein they defaulted. After rehabilitation they are assigned to custodial duties and to departments of physical administration.”

As previously stated, these channelers are all the time dreaming this kind of nonsense, and they thus demonstrate to have no idea of the Revelation content.

16 – 2000, May –
They announce the phase 2 (?). And what did really occur in phase 1?
Nothing, except for channeling and more channeling. They declare Urantia to be ready to establish contact with other worlds. Nothing happens.

17 - 2001, July -
They announce that the Magisterial Son has arrived on Earth to begin his mission.
No one has seen him until today … nor them, of course! Nothing happens.

18 – 2001, September –
Transmissions of many beings talking about the Twin Towers attack, AFTER IT HAPPENED, but PREVIOUSLY, NO NOTICE!!
In this way, anyone can prophesy!!

19 – 2003, July –
“Magisterial Son Monjoronson”
(??) says “humans have become dangerous to themselves and others who would approach them”!!!

The Urantia Book, (2093.3) 196:2.9 “Jesus led men to feel at home in the world; he delivered them from the slavery of taboo and taught them that the world was not fundamentally evil. He did not long to escape from his earthly life; he mastered a technique of acceptably doing the Father’s will while in the flesh. He attained an idealistic religious life in the very midst of a realistic world. Jesus did not share Paul’s pessimistic view of humankind. The Master looked upon men as the sons of God and foresaw a magnificent and eternal future for those who chose survival. He was not a moral skeptic; he viewed man positively, not negatively. He saw most men as weak rather than wicked, more distraught than depraved. But no matter what their status, they were all God’s children and his brethren.”
(2093.4) 196:2.10 “He taught men to place a high value upon themselves in time and in eternity. Because of this high estimate which Jesus placed upon men, he was willing to spend himself in the unremitting service of humankind. And it was this infinite worth of the finite that made the golden rule a vital factor in his religion. What mortal can fail to be uplifted by the extraordinary faith Jesus has in him?”

“What mortal can fail to be uplifted by the extraordinary faith Jesus has in him? Do you found this teaching similar to that of “Monjoronson”? What a difference, really!! What great qualities of spiritual love that inspire our heart and satisfy our longings are in the UB, in the true Jesus, and the revelators’ teachings!! A true Magisterial Son would have the same concept of Jesus about the human beings.

20 – 2003, January –
Various announcements:

a- Magisterial Son mission would begin within a few months. Nothing happens.
b – They say that the Constellation Fathers announced the opening of the “communications circuit from Salvington to Urantia” and say that “was a multiple clear-channel method of transmission that made it possible to send many messages simultaneously and without error. It is a broadcast system through multiple channels which allows sending messages WITHOUT ERROR”!! The former and subsequent messages of TM are full of errors and contradictions. Nothing of the announced happens.

20 – 2004, February –
They announce that more people will recognize the presence of extraterrestrial mortal beings in the world. Nothing happens, no one appears. The only tangible reality is the numberless “channeled” messages, and their human believers.

Lastly, we want to leave you with the following comments from the UF Trustees to the students and believers in the Divine Revelation portrayed in The Urantia Book.

Says the Urantia Foundation:
“... the Trustees wrote in their letter of July 1970:
Our most trying experience today is, as we have long since been warned, dealing with:
“Many strange isms and queer groups which will seek to attach themselves to The URANTIA Book and its far-flung influence. Your most trying experiences will be with such groups who so loudly acclaim their belief in the teachings of The Book and who will so persistently seek to attach themselves to the movement. Great wisdom will be required to guard against the distracting and distorting influence of these multifarious groups and from equally distracting and disturbing individuals, some well intentioned and some sinister, who will strive to become a part of the authentic constituency of the URANTIA movement.”

This work was done by Celina Nantes, Jaime Díaz, and Jeannie Vázquez.
English translation revised by Carlos Leite da Silva.
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