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No os desalentéis; la evolución humana sigue progresando, y la revelación de Dios al mundo, en Jesús y por Jesús, no fracasará. (2097.1) 196:3.33
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MensajeTema: AT WHAT STAGE IS THE LUCIFER REBELLION? By Chuck Thurston   Sáb Mayo 19, 2012 7:49 pm


By Chuck Thurston

I would like to offer the following thoughts for consideration, regarding one of the central teachings of the Teaching Mission. I do not wish to add to the divisiveness that often accompanies any discussion of the Teaching Mission, but I do feel it is important that we work together to achieve a better understanding of the fundamental questions that have been raised by the believers in this practice.

While I respect the sincerity and good intentions of those who are attracted to the Teaching Mission, I am alarmed to see the acceptance of beliefs that apparently contradict some of the most important positions presented within the Urantia Book.

Among the most significant of these is the assertion that the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion occurred in 1984, and that Caligastia and Daligastia are no longer with us on this world. Searches in the TM archives bring up many references to this idea, which is apparently the basis for the entire concept of the Teaching Mission. Here are three examples:

IRUKA: "...When you refer to the devil humans usually refer to an individual named Satan, one named Lucifer, or one named Caligastia. They are sort of rolled up into one being and called the devil, and since 1984 when the Lucifer Rebellion was adjudicated, these beings are as if they never were. They do not exist anymore..."

AARON: "...The Correcting Time has begun following the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion. That is finished, and the notions of the presence of the devil and his angels are a hangover from previous times..."

MONJORONSON: "...The actual implementation of contingency plans that would not be put into place until the adjudication was complete, which occurred in the very latter years of the second millennium of this world.... You are acquainted with the Teaching Mission as it began, almost simultaneously with the completion of the adjudication process..."

The authors of the Urantia Book, on the other hand, seem to be telling us that the adjudication of the Lucifer Rebellion cannot be expected any time soon, at least within our perspective of time. The rebellion must first be given unlimited opportunity for expression and development, even on the evolutionary worlds that were led astray. This is the divine method for bringing rebellion to an end, and this "natural course of self-obliteration" (54:5.8 7) will very likely extend into the far distant future.

Much of the confusion over the issue of the adjudication time frame seems to grow out of universe differences in perspective. From the point of view of a Melchizedek, as expressed in the final paragraphs of Paper 53, for example, the rebellion "ends on the fallen worlds as fast as divine Sons arrive," even though the final HUMAN triumph over rebellion may require hundreds of thousands of years of intense struggle (see below).

This statement in Paper 134 suggests a similar difference in perspective: "And when Jesus came down from his sojourn on Mount Hermon, the Lucifer rebellion in Satania and the Caligastia secession on Urantia were virtually settled." (134:8.9)

As the Son of Man, Jesus achieved and demonstrated the human defeat of universe rebellion. The final termination of the rebellion on our world now only awaits the future moment when ALL humans do likewise.

The rebellion did come to an end at the system level during the times of Michael's bestowal, but it is still ongoing on Urantia and the other evolutionary worlds that joined the rebellion:

(53.8.3) "The bestowal of Michael terminated the Lucifer rebellion in all Satania aside from the planets of the apostate Planetary Princes."

The ending of the rebellion at the system level was not simply an administrative decision. It ended because all sympathy finally died when the rebels approached Jesus on Mt. Herman and attempted to turn him away from the fulfillment of his bestowal mission. HUMAN sympathy for the leaders of the rebellion, however, did NOT come to an end, which is why the rebellion is still ongoing.

(53:8.2) "...Subsequent to their effort to corrupt Michael when in the bestowal flesh, all sympathy for Lucifer and Satan has perished throughout all Satania, that is, outside the isolated worlds of sin."

Caligastia and Daligastia must therefor remain free:

(53.8.6) "Caligastia, your apostate Planetary Prince, is still free on Urantia to prosecute his nefarious designs..."

(67.4.5) "Matters will undoubtedly rest as they now are until the entire Lucifer rebellion is finally adjudicated and the fate of all participants decreed."

The rulers of the universe are not arbitrarily delaying adjudication:

(54.6.Cool "Shortsighted and time-bound mortal minds should be slow to criticize the time delays of the farseeing and all-wise administrators of universe affairs."

The adjudication process is governed by unchanging universe policy, which requires the complete ending of ALL sympathy for the rebels and their seductive sophistries:

(54:3.3) "...the Ancients of Days refuse to annihilate any being until all moral values and all spiritual realities are extinct, both in the evildoer and in all related supporters and possible sympathizers."

(54.5.10) "To keep open the Paradise doors of ascension to the beings of Norlatiadek, it was necessary to provide for the full development of rebellion and to insure the complete determination of attitude on the part of all beings in any way concerned therewith."

(54.5.9) "The Faithful of Days on Edentia advised the Constellation Fathers to allow the rebels free course to the end that all sympathy for these evildoers should be the sooner uprooted in the hearts of every present and future citizen of Norlatiadek — every mortal, morontia, or spirit creature."

Note that this requirement includes ALL mortals — PRESENT and FUTURE — not only on our world, but on all the rebellion planets in Satania.

Every day provides abundant evidence that conscious denial of the Father's existence and deliberate, purposeful evil (false liberty rooted in the Lucifer Manifesto) are both still very much in play on our world. Deliberate evil (sin and iniquity) is not in the same category with ordinary evolutionary evil, like greed, selfishness, revenge, aggravated violence, shortsighted passions, etc.

Jesus explains it this way:

(148.4.6) "Evil is inherent in the natural order of this world, but sin is an attitude of conscious rebellion which was brought to this world by those who fell from spiritual light into gross darkness."

And this is the divine response:

(54.5.11) "The Divine Minister of Salvington issued as her third independent proclamation a mandate directing that nothing be done to half cure, cowardly suppress, or otherwise hide the hideous visage of rebels and rebellion. The angelic hosts were directed to work for full disclosure and unlimited opportunity for sin-expression as the quickest technique of achieving the perfect and final cure of the plague of evil and sin."

Arbitrarily removing Caligastia and Daligastia PRIOR to achieving the "perfect and final cure" (i.e., while they are still able to enlist human sympathy) would obviously NOT be consistent with this policy. So how long will it take to reach the "final cure"?

(53.8.4) "...the Uversa tribunals have not yet rendered the executive decision regarding the appeal of Gabriel praying for the destruction of the rebels, but such a decree will, no doubt, be forthcoming in the fullness of time since the first step in the hearing of this case has already been taken."

The following passages suggest that the required "fullness of time" could be anywhere from 100,000 to 800,000 years from now, Urantia time, or even perhaps until our planet is on the threshold of Light and Life.

This passage suggests 100,000 years:

(54.5.13) "...If a Urantia mortal of average length of life should commit a crime which precipitated world-wide pandemonium, and if he were apprehended, tried, and executed within two or three days of the commission of the crime, would it seem a long time to you? And yet that would be nearer a comparison with the length of Lucifer's life even if his adjudication, now begun, should not be completed for a hundred thousand Urantia years..."

The next two passages, when combined, suggest 800,000 years:

(54.5.12) "An emergency council of ex-mortals... advised Gabriel that at least three times the number of beings would be led astray if arbitrary or summary methods of suppression were attempted. The entire Uversa corps of counselors concurred in advising Gabriel to permit the rebellion to take its full and natural course, even if it should require a million years to wind up the consequences."

(53.9.3) "...the case of Gabriel vs. Lucifer, placed on the records of the Uversa supreme court almost two hundred thousand years ago, as you reckon time."

1,000,000 yrs (total time estimate) minus 200,000 yrs (elapsed time so far) = 800,000 yrs.

And there's also this:

(93.10.Cool "... It is altogether possible that, in some future age when Urantia is approaching the era of light and life, after the affairs of the Lucifer rebellion and the Caligastia secession have been finally adjudicated, we may witness..."

This sentence clearly puts Urantia nearing light and life in the same "future age" time frame with "finally" adjudicating the Caligastia secession, which would be consistent with the distant reaches of time suggested by the other two estimates. The authors would not use the word "finally" if such a development could be anticipated any time soon.

It appears to me that the following statement by "Abraham" from the TM archives reveals a fundamental (and very human-sounding) misunderstanding of the nature of rebellion and its ultimate resolution:

ABRAHAM: "...With the resolution of the adjudication the circuits were reinstalled as was promised. The rebellious ones were no longer, so there the danger of further infecting Urantia was no longer a threat..."

Rebellion is not brought to an end by arbitrarily suppressing its "infectious" advocates. The danger of "infection" will only come to an end when all "present and future" citizens of Norlatiadek have achieved complete "immunity" to the sophistries of rebellion -- in spite of the ongoing efforts (in our case) of a seductive former Planetary Prince. It is not surprising that this will take a LONG time.

One of the remarkable outcomes of the Lucifer fiasco will be the development of a civilization on this world that is thoroughly resistant to universe rebellion. In the face of Caligastia's relentless efforts to sabotage planetary evolution through deception, destruction and other diabolical means, it will be essential for all humans to fully understand and reject both his agenda and his tactics. Countless Urantians will carry this powerful wisdom, individually, through all future time and eternity.

Rebellion against God is a very serious and deadly affair. The Urantia Book refers to the Lucifer Rebellion as "an orgy of darkness and death," which is certainly an apt description for much that is happening on our world.

I tried to summarize the conditions that must be met before adjudication can occur, as given in the UB. The critical factor is the ending of all sympathy for the rebels and the rebellion "on the part of all beings in any way concerned therewith" (54.5.10), which includes "every present and future citizen of Norlatiadek — every mortal, morontia, or spirit creature." (54.5.9)

With their various time estimates, the authors of the UB appear to be telling us that the achievement of this on the mortal level, on all the evolutionary planets that were taken into rebellion, will take a very long time.

Jesus ended the rebellion on this world, administratively speaking, when he confronted the rebels on Mt Hermon. Caligastia has been stripped of all standing and authority with regards to the superhuman planetary government, and all of his superhuman supporters (apart from Daligastia) have been removed from the planet.

The attempt by the rebels to corrupt Michael's bestowal mission brought an end to all sympathy for their cause on the Satania system worlds, so the rebellion has ended at the system level, but the installation of the new superhuman administration on this world did not instantly or arbitrarily change the thinking and sympathies of the humans who live here, and that's the rub.

So, while the rebellion on Urantia is over, with regard to our superhuman planetary government, the adjudication cannot proceed until all human sympathy for Caligastia and his rebellious sophistries comes to an end. Until that time, according to universe policy, Caligastia must remain on the planet. "Caligastia, your apostate Planetary Prince, is still free on Urantia to prosecute his nefarious designs..." (53:8.6)
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